Live Fast, Die Young


The problem today is that everyone talks and everyone listens but somehow the truth still comes up missing!

Serius Jones Black and Ghetto, I Dont Know Why Dude Gets Over Looked?

Give That Woman A Chance

This story right here is kind of crazy, black girl struggling she pregnant with a baby. Only 17 and she ain’t got no parents dropped out of school now she staying out at grandmas, sleeping on the couch can’t afford to get her hair done so everyday she be up in the house. Staring at the mirror saying why don’t nobody love me, pretty smile pretty face no where near ugly. Baby father gone he got killed by the police baby girl stressed out she don’t get no sleep. And don’t eat so all she do is lay down, thinking about suicide when nobody ain’t around. iPod playlist nothing but sad songs, in the chicken spot buying food with mad ‘cons, embarrassed and she a friend of mine so I send her flowers and try to make her smile with all my power. But I guess it didn’t work I got a phone call and hung it up because I was hurt. They said she got found in the tub with her wrist open under water laying there just floating. I dropped down to my knees I couldn’t believe; living in poverty is a disease I guess she couldn’t handle the pressure left a note on the dresser said she “Did cause nobody would miss her” P.S. I hope that where ever I go that the sun shine forever no rain no snow. And to my boy Lo thanks for the stuff you sent me but I gotta go and Im taking my baby with me…

Thy Woman

 I will stop calling our women bitches because she does not walk on all fours and bark, she walks strong on her own two and bears the fruit of my loom so therefore thy is my queen, and my temple


i was out wit my homie for his bday some girl comes up to me this is  the convo

girl-hey wassup sexy

me-hey waddup

girl-u sexy right now

me-thanks u aint bad urself (lies cause she hurt)

girl- how many baby mommas u got? ima guess at least 2



Chrisette Michele

Im a huge fan of this young woman right here. Her music is soothing and relaxing. Down to earth with a message and do I have to mention that she is beyond fine?? She has a new album out called “Let Freedom Reign” go cop that and Im still blasting “Epiphany” 

All I can say is “WOWZEERRSSS!!!!” Keri Hilson just dropped my jaw! This video is on another lever who fuckin with her! 


Remember when you use to crush on that girl that sat in front of you in math class. That used to be the best period the whole day. Nothing was wrong with her no matter what. She had the nice pig tails, pretty smile with the slight gap, and she always smelled good. You ever wonder what happened to that girl years later???


You ever been wolfin, lookin all scruffy like a bum on 42nd st? Then you get a fresh cut and it have you feelin like a brand new man or maybe you be feelin like this:

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